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Target GD/PI is a small step to help out all the young MBA and other entrance examinations enthusiasts.

Today, Group Discussions(GD) and Personal Interviews(PI) are compulsory exercises that every aspirant has to go through as a part of the admission process. Not just college admissions, you are required to be proficient at these for your campus placements as well as other job selections. Apart from your communication skills and presence of mind, a very important part of evaluating a GD/PI is knowing what you speak and knowing in detail about the topic in hand. You need practice and a lot of it. You need to read and a lot of it.

This is what Target GD/PI aims at – To make your journey a little easy by providing you a detailed content of the most probable PI Questions/ Answers and Group Discussion Topics, Tips and Tricks. There is a lot of information scattered all over the Internet, Target GD/PI intends to consolidate what is important for you from GD/PI aspect, and present in a friendly manner, all in one place.

Every post in here is written keeping you in mind. So enjoy reading.

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Target GD/PI
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