Rapists deserve capital punishment

I am sure the esteemed Institutions of India are not going to take a blind eye to the rape situation we have in our country. Expect this topic in one form or the other.

Being a very sensitive topic, please make sure you do not ever loose control of your speech and vocabulary and inferences as it might not go well with the female participants as well as the evaluators. Like I said in my GD Tips article, learn to be assertive.

Now Focus on the points below:


  • Non-Capital Punishment in India is hardly a punishment : People do not stay in prison for very long. With political contacts or bribes, a bail can easily be obtained. A drastic change is required in our law and order system to establish fear of law. Even during trial, it should be non-bailable.
  • Against Humanity, against all religions and against the social norms : Rape is the worst form of crime as its against the very basic idea of civilization, humanity. We are not wild animals.
  • Fate of the victim : Its hard to imagine what the victim has to suffer in this male dominated society of ours. Rape is a social taboo. and the victim has to live the life close to that of an untouchable forever. How is this justice? Rapists don’t deserve to live.
  • Fear of the law : There is no fear of the law left in criminals. So there is a need to make stricter laws in order to establish the respect for laws in the heart and mind of the citizens. If law cant protect themango people, who will?
  • Death penalty should have a correlation to the crime rate in a country where it exists. The rape numbers speak for themselves. According to Wikipedia, The latest estimates suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 22 minutes in India.


  • Dropping Conviction Rate : The conviction rate of rape cases has dropped from 46% in 1971 to 26% in 2012. Even if Law is established, it cant be enforced in India.
  • Commit one crime to stop other : Rather than death penalty, swift arrest and fast-tracked trial leading to conviction alone can instill fear of law in people and deter commission of crimes, be it against women or in general.
  • False Reports : The law can be misused in case of personal disputes and may lead to a even more chaotic law and order situation. An efficient judicial system is lacking in India due to corruption or whatever reason.
  • In past 10 years we have executed only 2 people under capital punishment. That doesn’t look very promising if you want to instill fear of law.
  • Educate : Majority of rapes reported in the media are by uneducated people. Parents/Teachers/the society/the government should take the responsibility to nurture young ones on the right path


Capital Punishment has already been banned in most of the countries worldwide. It is by their example, we can say that Death  Penalty wont help in eradicating rape. However, from this discussion it is clear that we need stricter laws and efficient fast track courts to counter this increasing crime. Some social norms like dishonoring the victim also needs to be changed and that can be achieved only by education and awareness..
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