Small Steps to Beauty Business: MBA Student Experience

Beauty is one of the best industries to be in. That is why we are so glad to present the blog, that is run by MBA Student – Monica Davis. She writes reviews on best hairstyling tools and earns money on it.

The main aim of the blog is to help women choose hair tools that they can use every day without risk of anything and get an extremely beautiful result. That’s why she check hairstyling products for all types of hair, not just straight or curly, but also consider some problems like too much oily, or dry, or damaged. There is not talk about cosmetics, shampoo or mask that should be used for improving hair structure, Monica selects the best tools on the market, that can help a hairdo looks perfect.

How does Monica know all this stuff? She is working with it all the time – every styler she recommends she have already used. Looking for an honest review?

Okay, read that. Products Monica recommends have advantages like this:

  • high-quality materials (ceramic in Dafni, Natural Boar & Nylon Bristle Brush attachment in Conair);
  • full functionality – you can find tools for straight and curly hair;
  • convenience in use and management (for example there is cool temperature monitor in Headkandy brush);
  • safety (however, the risk of burning is still there, so always read the manual instructions, so as not to harm yourself);
  • well-done design and user interface (many instruments are issued in many colors and look very stylish, and more than that – it fits in one`s hand well and other. Good example – LUMA, which looks and works great);
  • the speed of processing (modern tools models let you process all of your hair in 30 minutes, even if it is long. Hot air brush review shows it very well);
  • additional options and unique technology (LUMA has Moroccan Argan Oil Serum, Revlon use Ionic Technology, which reduces frizz, Avocado, and Conditioners that prevent moisture loss and cuticle damage in Remington S9950, Nano Titanium technology in BabyLiss).

Monica reviews tools from different price categories. It means if you fell in love with Dafni brush, but it seems very expensive for you, you can choose something cheaper but not less effective for straightening hair, like HeadKandy.

In the reviews, Monica is opening a box and examining all parts of instrument together with you. You can see the tool as you would view it yourself. So, you have got the idea is that kind of brush you want or not before you actually buy it.

Monica checks how exactly instrument she reviews works. It means after reading an article or watching the clip you can understand, what should you do to straighten, curl or lay in some other way, your hair. It is not just a review with some describing of functions and characteristics which you can read everywhere, but it is a guide to action.

Also, every product has its cons. And Monica honestly talks about this stuff. So, you can be sure, that you know all things about hair instrument you choose, and there will not be some unpleasant surprises. The idea is that disadvantages will always be, but there are some of them which can be acceptable personally for you. Tools with cons unsuitable for anyone we do not recommend.

So, this is what Monica`s blog can offer you. Do you need some help in choosing hair instruments? She can do it, even if you think you have too many troubles with your hairdo. Go to her blog right now and make sure in our words.

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