So Tell Me About Yourself!

This deceptively simple question is one of the first things you are asked in a Personal Interview (PI). Have you ever wondered, no matter where you go or who the interviewer is, this is the first question… Why?

Well, I call it the Ice-breaker.

You should always treat this as an advantage given to you to lead the interview.Your answer to this question will actually set the tone of your interview. If you answer this intelligently, the answer can empower you to make the interviewer ask questions you want him/her to ask. So, NEVER EVER Cross Question this question. Never ask back “What do you want to know? Or something like that. NO!

I will give you the answer but first, keep the following in mind:

Confidence is the key: You can use “err….” Or “umm…” for practically all questions, except this. You cannot sound unsure of yourself. So prepare at least this question very much in advance.

Timing Matters: Your answer should be at least a minute long. Anything less will make you seem uninteresting as a person. So practice till you get there.

Keep it simple: Knowledge of good conversational English is necessary but you don’t need to sound like a peppy teen or sophisticated gentleman with an accent. Stay in your comfort zone. Avoid using vocabulary you are not comfortable with.

A little insight: Your academic achievements are a part of you. Your hobbies and interests also form a major part of your personality. Again, don’t invent hobbies and interests to seem perfect. Be relevant. You cannot speak lies here my friend.

I will give you an example of a possible way, you can answer this question.

I am Harish Lahori, a Chemical Technology graduate from PQR COLLEGE Delhi (You can also mention in 1 line about your schooling. Also if you have done X,XII outside India or rural India, make sure you say that).

I am currently working in Technical Technologies Pvt Ltd as a Technical Engineer, where my responsibility is mainly…… (brief job profile)……

When I am not working, I like to ……….(mention your hobbies)…………(If you have done any NGO work, do not forget to mention that. If you have achieved anything in sports, mention that as well).

As a person I believe I am …..(mention one or two of your strengths and weaknesses)…After working for over 30 months in the industry, I have come to realize that …..(answer importance for MBA for you/according to you)…. And so next few years of my life I want to focus on gaining business knowledge in …..(your MBA specialization)…. field.

If you do not hold any work experience, the template remains pretty much the same. Just spend more time on your hobbies, don’t forget to mention any major sports achievements you have had in school/college and also try to elaborate more on the importance of MBA section.

Now you know what questions are coming next. There will be question on your job,your company, your abroad/rural schooling, hobby, that medal you won, your specialization and Why MBA from here. You knew they were coming!!!

The main intention behind giving you this template is to let you know what your flow should be while answering the question and what areas you should cover. You can use your own sentences to convey the same meaning. My only advice here is “Stick to the Flow”.

Of course, there are many other ways to answer this question. Google them. Also don’t forget to read the Basic PI Tips article.

All the Best!!!

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